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lipsThis is my first blog and I am happy to say I am the most technologically challenged person you will ever meet (in cyber space) so do not expect any fancy pictures, links, articles, or anything beyond my words in sentence or paragraph form. 

These words are things I need to get off my chest (hence 32B – yea, I was born this way) so I probably won’t have an aim, topic, direction – just count on endless babbling that way when I write something of substance we both will be pleasantly surprised!  I hope this thing has spell-check….

I am a female, a career woman, a mommy, as well as an athlete (when I feel like it).  I tend to exist solo because not many people understand who I am or prefer to take me in smaller doses.  I live in the Midwest and have contemplated leaving only to make future plans here.   I got an “F” in almost every grammar/English class or course in my entire life!  I am quite an open person via my thoughts but severely cynical of people at first.  I don’t like talking about myself so constantly pressing the “I” key is weird for me.  Lastly, I love being the imperfect flawed creature that I am & marvel at others who attempt to attain perfection when it is an illusion you will die trying to have so I will be seating here laughing writing a blog titled after you….happy reading!


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