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Haven’t had much to write about.  Blogging has gotten boring – too much along the lines of self promotion that I have turned myself off from myself.  Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever since I do anything but promote but I guess I see other bloggers over-inflate the value of their own words it makes me wanna throw up on my own blog.  Trying to hold on to the purity of the reason behind this here place.  My sister had a baby – another boy.  6 lbs 7 ozs…a tiny little thing.  I couldn’t seem to put him down.  I think I want another one.  I don’t want the child-birth/cesarean part but I want another baby.  My sisters say I only like babies till they get to about 5 yrs old.  I think they are correct.  Maybe.  Ran my 10 miles yesterday.  1 hr and 30 minutes plus an extra 0.5 miles which added 4-5 minutes to my time so I am comfortably running 9:00/miles which makes me think I need to give my body additional time (months) to reach a 8:00/mile pace.  It’s cool.  Disappointment is only a slight setback – losing my physical means to run would be more detrimental.  My race is this Saturday at 7:30a (I think).  I just hope it’s not hot.  Warm is fine but hot is something my mind cannot take as well.  I have run in mid 80 degree weather but even that was difficult because it was a long run day.  A 3 mile run in high 80 degree weather is a different story completely.  A friend who went to high school a block from me asked why I still run.  I was silent for a while because my answer is corny and would make no sense to a non-runner.  It is all I know how to do well.  I do other things good but this is what I do well and happen to enjoy immensely.  And, it helps that I loathe fat, that mom shape, gut, and just fighting a slower metabolism as I age.  Some people accept those things as a part of life – I do not accept anything willingly.  Never have.

Went out last night with Mr. D.  Actually, I went running yesterday morning with my cell in my bra and sweated the poor thing to its death.  I showered, used my hair dryer to dry my cell, tried to charge the battery later but no luck although I think the presence of water probably did not make plugging it up to the charger a smart move.  Mr. D picked me up and took me to Sprint.  New phone should be here tomorrow for $50 – insurance is good for something.  Without a phone while holding onto my sanity, I chilled at the shop with Mr. D and called my sons & sisters to let them know to call Mr. D’s phone if they needed me.  About 10p we went to see Inception (great movie).  Afterwards, we went walking along Lake Shore Drive and talked & stuff.  Beautiful night out, really warm, lots of people out, water was cold as hell, I screamed a couple of times cause I thought Mr. D was about to throw me in, we played in the sand with our toes, he told some of his many stories from The Life of Mr. D, I listened intently (at times) while he asked if he was boring me, I lied (God forgive me) and said no, I told one of my stories (about Ques from a party resulting in stitiches in my foot – his uncle is a Que), and I wondered how we can talk for hours during the week, when we are together, and then at night and never seem to run out of things to say.  It’s amazing.  I made it home about 5am – the sun seriously beat me home.  Of all the bad things, arguments, tests of patience/resolve/love for another person – I still like being around him. 

Went to a reggae club with my sisters and my sister’s friend.  You know how guys parking lot pimp?  Well, there was no parking lot so they were corner pimping which irritated me because McD’s a block away was calling my name & I so badly wanted a double cheeseburger.  Standing there waiting for my sisters to stop talking to these random ugly guys, I saw a white chick nearby who was getting felt up by a random black guy and she was surrounded by 2 other black guys.  This guy who felt her up suddenly dived in for a kiss on her lips.  She turned at the last minute so his lips landed on her cheek but I was pissed because he not only tried to kiss her in the mouth but he put up both hands around her head to make sure she didn’t escape.  I told her friend, who was standing nearby, that they should go home.  She said, “why? because we are having fun?”  This white chick actually thought I was hatin’ on her and her friend as if I wanted Ugly I, II, or III.  I said, “no, because she’s drunk”.  Then the drunk friend who was getting her booty rubbed down said, “oh, I’m not drunk.  I have drunk way more plenty of times.”  Oh, my bad…so you actually like ugly guys touching and kissing you.  My apologies.  Finally, my sisters were ready to go so we start walking to our cars when these 2 guys start walking with us.  I turn and say “don’t follow us” and they said “we are just walking you to your car” and I said “it’s cool, we don’t need your help” and we kept walking.  These idiots ignored what I said so I waited till one was close enough to me, I turned quickly, and punched him square in the chest.  Man, that felt good!  He stopped dead in his tracks too.  My sister gasped real loud like I’d just shot him or something.  Then I yelled, go back to the club and stop following us or I will call the police.  They both turned around.  I felt like a b*tch but I dnt like guys who try to pull the wool over women.  I wish I had my weapon on me but I left it in my other purse knowing they prb wouldn’t let me in the club with it.  I’m too small to have such a huge temper.

But, while at the club, guys kept asking me where I’m from.  I’d point my finger down at the ground to indicate “here”.  Chicago.  They looked at me like I was crazy and said, “no, which country?”  I shrugged and said “I honestly do not know”.  They had a puzzled look.  Awww, isn’t that cute!  The fortunate know where their ancestors are from but folks like me can only assume our ancestors are actually from Africa – knowing the exact country is such a blessing in itself.  I then said, “you remember that whole slavery thing? Yeah, I am not sure what country they took my people from.”  Then the message was clear.  When did these club folks get here?  Last week?  Do they not know America’s history?  Hell, most Americans don’t know America’s history so that’s an unfair question.  Went to the Caribbean fest a few weeks ago which I mentioned but I didn’t mention seeing Louis Farrakhan there.  He had an entourage of 5 guys who handed us pamphlets.  One made an effort to stop, stand really close, and speak to me.  It was probably the big silver cross I was wearing around my neck.  He had this whole story about something I can’t remember but then I said, ok, so who killed Malcolm X?” and I waited for his answer looking him in the eyes.  He said “the government” and how the government wants us to think it was something else and how the government was trying to disband our people.  The guy selling oils told me I asked the right question.  The government?  The government cannot divide a united front and I do not care who the front is.  Africans selling their own into slavery but we often want to blame the white man.  Blacks selling out Malcolm X to the government cause they didn’t like him anymore or wasn’t following their rules.  The government likely had the intentions to buy I am sure or else they wouldn’t have been at the shores but capturing the merchandise for them and bring it to the shores is just corrupt.  The government?  Such an insult to my intelligence and it has nothing to do with religion.

This week – work, run, sleep, eat, pray, & have fun!  I am reading my Economic book finally understanding GNP/inflation/and taxes effect on the overall government in actual historical evidence rather than theory as taught in college.  Thinking about going to school for Accounting (seriously just a thought) but I did sign up for more information about Jackson Hewitt tax courses.  Taxes – the rich folks way to sh*t on the government financially.  I should know if my company sell is finalized this Friday.  I sure hope they offer tuition reimbursement.  I think am I refining my next stage in life as far as my career.  Mr. D is closing on a house in the next couple of weeks.  A 6 bedroom house which he will share with his older brothers.  He said they have discussed that if any of them get married that the wives & kids can all live under the same roof a la The Color Purple.  I was partly joking when I asked, “what about me?” but he did say “we have 3 other bedrooms”.  Interesting.  Running Tuesday & then an easy run Thursday morning – race Saturday 🙂


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Guess who is to be featured in their company’s upcoming newsletter?  ME!!  Since I took over the Corporate Systems Support Specialist (I added the word “specialist”) role from another co-worker who took a QA position, I have had to tell everyone who emails or calls why Bill isn’t answering or replying instead.  Usually, people do not care as long as they have an answer to their question(s) but sometimes you get those faithful regular customers who have grown familiar with talking to the same person about various issue for the last couple of years.  Well, I do not mind telling them Bill has moved on a better position and I am taking over.  What kinda irks me is the disappointment I hear in their voices.  My goodness!  But, featuring me in the company newsletter should serve as an official announcement so I can stop answering the “Who are you and where is Bill?” inquiries.  It’s bad enough I’m a woman now I gotta deal with the obvious scepticism that I know half of what Bill does.  No, I do not know as much as Bill but he was here 5 yrs giving him a 2 yr advantage so let me play catch-up.  Anywho, we had donuts today to celebrate his last day which isn’t really his last day but, after Monday, different people within the office have different work-from-home days so you gotta catch them all when you can.  Donuts – this is why America is an obese country.  We have donuts for every occasion here.  Not complaining….I’m just saying.

That was pretty much it but guess what?  I want everyone to stop by Tinker Bell’s blog since today is her birthday 🙂  No one knows Tinker Bell (Zvonka).  I only know her via my blog but I feel like she’s a sweet caring bad ass chick (my form of compliment).  I love birthdays so I hope you are having an awesome day.  Until then, good day mates 🙂

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OfficeSpaceMotivationQuick post before my fabulous weekend! I am still at work.  My manager has left for the day, my supervisor is somewhere in Switzerland visiting her husband’s family, and our IT dept of one has left early to get his Tiger Woods on.  What am I doing?  Sh*t!  Trying not to cuss as much whether in speech or words so I plan to make use of the asterisk button as often as needed until I fully weaned.  Anywho, I am bored out of my mind.  This entire week which consists of 40 hours I have probably did 20 hours of real work and that’s only because my supervisor is out of town so I have work to do.  Whaddyaknow!  She emailed me this morning to say it’s 4pm in Switzerland and asked how things were going.  I had a laundry list of stuff but only minor ones but I was sure I made it known she should take vacation more often because this week I earned at least half of my pay.  Still got paid for all 40 hours but man was it hard to keep my eyes open for the other 20.

After work I have a hot date with this sexy suede tan couch in my living room. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.  But, before that, I have to stop at CVS to scan these pics for a photo book I’m making my ex for Father’s Day.  Kinda late since Father’s Day is Sunday but late is better than never and this will be soooooo cute!  Pics of both boys from ugly hospital pics til now.  Awwwww!  After that I go to the burger joint down the street to get a greasy cheeseburger meal, fries, and pop for $3.  Then off to the grocery to get spaghetti and sauce to cook with my Italian sausage that is begging to coming from my freezer into my belly sometime this weekend.  Once done with that…..el couch and la movie night shall begin pronto. 

Saturday.  Man, a 3 hour meeting.  I kid you not.  On the southside.  I swear I should move out south.  Three hour meeting followed by grocery shopping for real instead of stopping every now and then to pick up random stuff.  Then I am assuming me and my sisters are taking our stepdad somewhere for dinner.  Not sure if it’s Saturday or Sunday.  As you can see, we have this thoroughly planned out.  When they say Dads get no love….it’s true!  He loves wine and making it so I was looking for a winery type gift for him but I swear he has done that already.  If I could fly him out to Martha’s Vineyard (is that right?) I would but I ain’t ballin like.  A couple more years of doing absolutely nothing at work but collecting a check and I should be able to swing it.  Or, he loves to bowl and is quite good at it so I was thinking a personalized bowling ball bag but, again, it’s Friday so that’s waaaaaay last minute.  Maybe next year.

Sunday.  Church upon church upon church.  Might be going to two different ones.  How exciting.  A friend mentioned how great it was that I go to church because I am around the Saints.  Hmm.  I am sure he was using the word “saints” very loosely although I’d prefer the New Orleans Saints instead.  Now that would be my kinda church!  Drew Brees.  Reggie Bush.  Those other guys.  A very nice congregation right there.

I start my boxing classes Tuesday.  She said in about six months I will be ready to spar.  Um, excuse me?  You mean actually fighting in the ring with another chick?  My co-worker told me my face is too cute for fighting.  I agree totally!  I guess.  Six months from now we shall see what happens and how much I have accomplished but first I need to learn the basics so I don’t get my azz handled to me.  I am so small that if you look too quickly you’ll miss me so who the hell am I gonna fight?!  Then the lady said I will be able to take some of their martial arts and self-defense classes so I can learn, amongst other things, how to get out of a choke hold.  Ok, I know I live in the Chi but what kinda situation do you anticipate me being in?!?!  A choke hold?  I just wanna burn off some calories and firm up my saggy azz abs!  This will be an interesting two months to say the least.

I was working from home yesterday so I went to get my hair and eyebrows done (yeah I know but I brought my laptop with me) when this guy pissed me off.  He does my eyebrows (no he’s not gay) and, when I first met him, my hair was pass my shoulders.  Long and boring just handing there doing nothing.  So, since I cut it to grow out certain parts that had broken off, he decided to comment on how I need to grow it out.  I stopped him right before he was about to get started on my eyebrow and asked “grow out what?”  He said my hair because I look better with long hair.  He is one of those guys who thinks all women should have long flowing hair down their backs down Gabrielle Union when her actual hair is shorter than mine.  I think a guy should have a big penis but I ain’t going around in a fit if he don’t.  I think he should not wear the same size jeans I do but I don’t anything to that either.  Ahhh, Chicago is saturated with stupid guys.  And that is it.  Didn’t feel like writing anything with substance because my big boobs are tender and I’m about to fall asleep at work.  Didn’t I say this was to be a quick post?  So I got out the shower this morning and stood in the mirror marveling at my boobs.  They were plump and nicely round.  I should be getting my period all the time.  Not actually get it….getting it.  HUGE difference!

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Happy Friday!

deargod-bubblesToday is a really good day!  The weather is gorgeous in the Chi, I met each deadline at work with time to type the minutes for my Prayer Ministry, I ate the best ravioli for lunch today (you know I didn’t cook it), I have a peanut butter milkshake sitting beside me right now, I am learning to knit and doing pretty well thus far (Christmas gifts coming soon lol), I started running again this week and actually gain two lbs which has to be all muscle (thighs, butt, and TMI muscular areas hurt), and life is just good right now.  I still have my little issues namely repaying my student loans so I can go back to school this Spring, balancing mommy & a social life, meeting people & enjoying my city, studying still for the GMAT, and writing.  It funny because I wrote this blog about the needs of both parties in relationship but I never posted it because I felt I had gotten off course with what I was trying to say.  Anywho, someone else wrote a blog on a similar topic so I guess I will finish mine and post in next week.

I’m smiling and I don’t know why.  Ok, I do know why but I won’t say because I hate to be all mushy and girly….ewwww!  In addition to my little “projects” I have going on I have added two more.  I work from home Tuesday & Thursday but for an hour I take my 3 yr old to a Tumbling class so I can get some running in.  Now, my supervisor has asked me to run with her for the next two months so she can lose some weight in time for a big event.  That means I am adding three days/week instead of two for running AND acting as “motivator” so she stays with it and reaches her goal.  Second “project”, I have begun a family tree on www.ancestry.com tracing my family roots as far back as I can with what time I have.  So far I have a few branches complete but I have only reached the mid 1800s and am waiting on older family members to get me pertinent information like dates.  I can find a lot of information if I have a birth date, first and last name, and birth place.  The thing which has been the hardest is finding the women in my family since, back then, all women dropped their maiden names to pick up their husband’s last name.  If someone in the family didn’t remember her maiden name her history would be lost.  Hyphenate!  Always hyphenate!  I did and will the next time because I need to keep my identity just in case. 

Ok, this is completely off topic but this whole self-control thing is for the birds!  I have been doing it for ALMOST two months (ok I’m two wks shy of two mths but it feels like forever) and you will not believe how much chocolate I have consumed and this is the reason why I have resumed running.  Now, don’t get me wrong…..I love running and I feel good when I look good but somethings gotta give!  Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit so I am trying something I have never done to get something I have never had.  Does withholding sex get you the man?  His respect maybe but what about him?  Or do you eventually end up in the dreaded Friend Zone with an invitation to his wedding to the chick who did give up the goodies and often?  I talk a good talk, I can be quite jazzy & sarcastic, even downright argumentative & defensive but….in the end….I’m just a traditional chick waiting for that one man to find me.  Goes against my corporate America sitting-in-the-boardroom-with-the-big-boys demeanor but every girl wants a Prince Charming and mine happens to be furry.  Anywho, enough girly crap because this is still a fantabulous day so have a good weekend folks!

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Follow Me

follow_me_by_firefighter_with_a_c_2This is going to sound crazy or raise some skeptical eyebrows but it happened again today so I gotta write about it.  Sometimes I get an urge to do something normal like sit down and turn on the television, or log in and check my email, maybe call up a friend randomly, even read something someone has written.  Not out of any reason except just because.  A thought pops into my head and I do it nonchalantly.  The last time this happened I was checking my MySpace page but, while there, I changed my status and thought to click “View All” to check everyone else’s status updates as well which is something I rarely do simply because I don’t care and I don’t have time to something so irrelevant.  But, I did this time around shrugging my shoulders like “whateva, I don’t have anything else to do” and found a crumb on the ground so I picked it up just to find another crumb on the ground and now I’m thinking “what the hell is going on” as my curiosity peaks and I look further into something I didn’t have to dig at all to find.  On the surface right in front of me and I sat back like “wow!” 

Today, I was reading a note because someone I know had commented, no biggie except I saw two additional comments along with her’s so I read those…again, no biggie.  But then, here I was looking at other people’s posts and I thought to click on this person’s page whose pics I have scanned before cause I think she is a model of some sort.  So, I was looking through pictures and photos of a birthday party and then of a fashion show and I stopped mid-click as my eyes focused in and I recognized a face I know I have seen before.  This is when it happens…this is the turning point of no return….when what I was supposed to find stares me in the face as all these random events align themselves to drop me off at my destination just to leave me knowing I will do what I do best….investigate and look into.   A scripture was the turning point a few weeks ago.  A face was the turning point today.  So I look at this face and all these things come piling on top of me as I think think think.  A damn face but I didn’t know where I’d seen it before until my eyes looked up and started scanning the air as my mind went into overdrive and my memory replayed some previous sites, screens, and pics I have previously seen so I went back to what my memory was showing me.  Myspace….

I had both sites open and both pics open and I scanned both….same features…same person?  Then I Google’d the name attached to one because the other was an alias and it brought me back to where I started.  I found another page which was exactly someone else’s page and then I saw the profile pic and my head seriously started to hurt because my mind grabbed that image and I put my hands on my head thinking “where have I seen this face before?!” and then my memory brought up different possibilities and then it hit me again….I don’t know this person from my own list but I could from someone else’s list.  And that is where I ended up after a headache and a short journey with perfectly outlined steps leading to stare at this same face but, now, the face has a name…but for what reason?  Why now must I find this person?  I do not know.  I didn’t go looking for this person.  I was reading a damn note on Facebook!  What is this for?  What am I supposed to know?  I found out something hurtful when I found the scripture and now I feel I have to find something out here but, as always, I don’t think I need to search because it always falls into my lap.  “If it’s meant to be you will find me”….touche!  Now, I look up again and ask Him….what are you trying to tell me now?  I’m all ears, I’m following you, I’m looking…..now what?

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Opposite Sex Thoughts

penisSitting at my desk at work eating spaghetti and chicken I cooked last night with a headache because I just left a two hour meeting in which my team (2 people) was supposed to do a training but we were not prepared so it has been postponed.  I sat and wanted to kick myself for that because I REALLY wanna get this presentation over but I should have got off my butt and did the set-up myself!  Instead, we discussed our “project of the year” and, since my entire morning consisted of additional things getting added to my plate….correction: platter….I thought I’d write something about my random thoughts as I finish eating at my desk before diving into my sh*t load of word of which I am grateful to have because that means I remain employed for at least another year….longer if this massive project has the results we hope (pray) for.  These are random things aka stupid sh*t that guys have actually said and/or done….

Random Thought #1:  Why do I constantly hear men say they prefer a woman who wears matching underwear?  Ok, if you tryna get some ass and I have on a yellow bra with silver moons but my panties are black & white polka dot….are you gon’ say “hell naw! I’m cool”?  It is that big of a deal if my bra happens to be yellow and my panties black & white polka dots?  I know you prefer matching sets so, suggestion, buy me some.  I someone wanted to give you $1,000 but only had $50 bills will you turn them down because you want $20 bills instead?  I prefer you to have bigger equipment…let’s all pick our battles wisely since one can be changed and the other can’t.

Random Thought #2:  Why do some guys do something for you just to get you to do something you previously said ‘no’ to?  This guy has been asking me out since I met him oh about a year ago.  He is cool but at least ten years older than I am, nothing really going for him, but he is in the church.  So, we remain friends but he is persistent!  I had a problem with my door lock at my apt that needed to get fixed.  My landlord works third shift and I wanted it done ASAP esp with Bonshaquita Tequila Jenkins living downstairs and roaming stray cats (previous blog).  So, I ask if he can fix it for me real quick, he comes over, takes his time walking up the stairs and I knew then he was up to something.  This is the lock to the front door mind you.  He walks in, sits his tool bag down, looks around, comments on my apt, has a seat on the couch, start talking about Obama who was speaking on the TV, and then he finally gets his azz up!  He takes his coat off, does about 10 mins of work before realizing that the metal piece was out of line with the locking piece.  Unscrews and re-screws those….done!  Then he says, “so what’s for dinner?”  I don’t know….but it’s a couple fast food joints on your way home.  Then he says, “well, you can have dinner with me in exchange or maybe we can grab a pizza or something.”  Fuck!  Trifflin bastard….I think I feel a case of amnesia coming on….huh?!  What door lock?  I don’t remember that at all!

Random Thought #3:  Why do guys ask how long you have gone without sex and then offer themselves as if you even want sex much less them?  We were just talking and I think I was on my chocolate binge because I had been going so long I was fiending REALLY bad!  I was eating chocolate like it was no body’s business and had gained maybe five lbs which ain’t much if you start off at about 110 lbs.  So, he asked, I told him and he said, “dang girl, I’ll help you out with that.  Want me to come over now?”  Huh?!  Hell naw!  I am not having sex by choice and why you trying be a Good Samaritan and offer up your raggedy goods?  I don’t want that!  Somebody think waaaaaay too highly of themselves and our friendship. 

Random Thought #4: Why do guys lie and say, “Hey D.  I’m with my boys let me call you back” and think you are one blond strand away from Jessica Simpson stupid?  This guy, who I have been friends with for months now, called me.  I didn’t hear my phone so I called him back maybe 10 mins later….he answers the phone whispering and in a rush….tells me this lie….then gets off the phone.  First off, I know all your trifflin friends you hang out with….Travis and D’nic….you have even put them on the phone with me several times and I have Travis’ number.  You have called me from their house, in the car with them, on the way to the club with them, on the way back from the club to drop D’nic off at his girls’ house cause she texted him to say she horny and need him NOW!  As you can see, I have been there on a lot of his boys’ night out trips via the phone, but, this one time he gotta whisper when any other time they yell in the background “is that fill-in-my-name?”  Yeah, this guy was with his girlfriend….why he gotta lie?!  I don’t know….I knew he had a girl but what I don’t know is why he keeping me a secret from her?

Random Thought #5: Why guys waste texts messages talking about stupid sh*t?  One dude texted me to say he was bored….ok, what am I supposed to do about that?  Another texted me to say he was thinking about me…..I said “awww that’s sweet”….he replied “it’s true”….then I thought “did I say you were lying?!”  One texted me to ask if I was going to call him back.  If I ignore your last 5 calls then let’s just assume the answer is “no”.  Another texted me to ask, “when I see you again, can I eat you?”  Ummm, wtf?!  Is that a for real question?  Then I started acting stupid….”what do you mean when you say ‘eat me’?”  Sure enough he meant what I thought…that was definitely a first and I am wondering how trifflin are you?  Where have your lips been?  And when was the last time you’ve been tested?!?!  Wanna eat something?  Go eat some penicillin and anti-viral pills…just in case.

Random Thought #6:  Why guys ask me why I am still single.  I tell them it’s because I am a b*tch and a complication in itself.  Then they respond, “no, seriously”.  Why does everybody think I am lying?!  Then I introduce them to B*tch.

Random Thought #7:  Why do guys always have something to say about R’dub (my guy friend)?  They always say he is up to something….got ulterior motives….tryna get in my pants.  Then I mention the fact that we have been friends for damn near 15 yrs and then they say, “he just looking for the right opportunity.”  Yeah, and in all these years, that opportunity never came around….un huh.  Insecurity or jealousy ain’t nowhere near cute!  My fav is this though, “I’m a guy and I know guys and I know he ain’t been your friend all this time for nothing.”  So, it’s impossible for someone to be my friend all these years unless they tryna get something from me?  And, you a guy too so y’all both think alike by sheer male species something?  Lastly, if it’s been this long then I will say ‘nothing’ is probably ‘something’ and you don’t know what a friendship really is.

Random Thought #8:  When guys say they aren’t ready to be in a relationship but they will have sex with you.  He didn’t say this outright but he did say, “when you ready to go down that road then let me know”.  This is what he said concerning a relationship, “I wanna get to know you better first.”  Right!  Running in me don’t require anything special….but a relationship does.  Having sex is soooooo impersonal but a title is sooooooo the opposite.  Someone fell for this one too many times for him to say this with a straight face because I was soooo about to laugh when I realized he was serious….dead serious…and said it like he was looking out for me!

Random Thought #9:  When a guy says he want a girl with pretty feet but he got yellowish brown teeth!  I said both colors because the roots are brown and the tops are a yellowish color…it’s like they fade from dark yellow to light yellow as they go up…..like a paint job or something.  His breathe is always fresh but his teeth….dude….do a mirror check because you check off your own want list. 

Random Thought #10:  Why guys always say I am the complete package and they love how I keeps it real.  What does keeping it real really mean?  That I say stuff without tact…censor…when I should hold my tongue like normal people do?  And, what is a complete package?  I guess that is a compliment so I smile and say thanks.  Other than that, I don’t know.  I find myself being the chick guys come to to complain about their girlfriends.  When did this happen?!  I don’t mind the questions….I give feedback with a disclaimer that I am not God….and suggest better communication because, having a second opinion is always good but, don’t tell me more than she herself knows when I ain’t in the relationship. 

Ok, those are my random-azz-unrelated-to-anything-important thoughts.  I guess I should get back to work now and finish drinking my tea.  Until next time….which is probably tomorrow….adios amigos!

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