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Hate Him or Love Him?

On Twitter, I follow a lot of news stations namely CNN everything which includes breaking news alerts.  Yesterday, I saw a link about Obama making cuts but I didn’t get a chance to read it cause I was at work actually busy doing work.  Today, I check Twitter and there is much dialogue about Obama making a huge mistake by proposing to cut or cease federal spending and it was discussed how the poor & middle class will suffer as a result.  When I did read the various links from news stations & publications, they mainly addressed Obama’s attempt to stop federal spending and get the country on a budget.  Now, what I did read was that these cuts do not apply to military-related expenses.  And, let me say that I have not talked to Obama recently so what I read from various news medias, bloggers, and independent analysts will have to suffice until Obama returns my call this weekend since “staying informed” means ignoring ALL media outlets which is impossible to do. 

I am not sure how this will affect the middle class (which I think I fall into) but the biggest noise came from those who believe this will negatively affect the poor.  The poor.  This is where this post is pointing….towards the issue of the poor.  I will admit I am kind of frustrated with those who live off the system, make no attempt toward self-sufficiency, and make it a goal to live this way till death.  I know plenty of scammers who think I am crazy for working at all.  But, then I know people who seriously lost their jobs, need some assistance, and/or are trying to better themselves but need some time to get to where they need to be.  Food stamps, daycare voucher, HUD voucher, and pantries for clothes/shoes….I have been one of those in need.  I have grown irritated by those who take advantage of the system and make it worse for others.  The programs I was on were for college students and had a max timeframe of 5 years.  No degree in 5 years?  No more help!  I thought it was a great idea and still think it is….put a time frame on everything or else abuse will happen.  My problem does not lie with the poor.  My problem lies with how to distinguish the lazy azzes from those truly in need.  Those who happily live in poverty and do any and everything they can to remain in poverty compared to those who hate those home visits every month, coming to the office to update information, having to talk to a case worker about your goals all over again, and/or needing to verify everything from your SS# to your blood type just for a few dollars to feed your kids every month. 

My sister lies and tells people she’s homeless so she can get free CTA bus cards.  My sister inherited our dad’s HUD voucher after he died and has not pursued anything past her high school diploma.  My sister (and others I know) sells stolen gift cards for half the price and spends money on stuff she clearly is not supposed to afford.  My aunts (and others I know) paid $10/month for rent but spent ten times that on clothes, boots, purses, and fake hair.  I do know more who have been on every program I have been on and are now being self-sufficient and making ends meet on their own BUT they would not have gotten there had it not been for federal money to fund these assistance programs.  What are we to do?  Continue spending to fund programs for those in need while enabling the lazy azzes?  Or, cut the funding (intentionally or not) and make those lazy azzes get a job while forcing a mom to figure out how she will feed her babies?  I don’t agree with some of Obama’s decisions but this is admittedly a hard one to make.  Either way, the best option to improve the budget & erase the deficit is going to piss someone or some group off.  If Obama does not do what you think he should then you’re mad.  If he does, then you’re happy but “they” are mad.  Someone could say, “what if it was you?”  If it was me (which I am sure it is in some way), I will be upset too.  Realistically speaking, who can he realistically do?  You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t so, sometimes, it’s best to make a decision and stand bracing yourself for the tsunami that’s coming for you.

We need jobs.  I know friends who are unemployed, who refuse to take a job which pays less than they get from unemployment, who turn down jobs because they didn’t get their Masters degree to work for a salary so low, who are looking but honestly can’t find anything, and/or who are forced to acquire new skills to make or keep themselves marketable.  The economy is messed up.  The rich are now the middle class and the middle class is now the poor and the poor is now the homeless on the streets if there isn’t room in the shelters.  South Carolina Lt Gov Andre Bauer compared “needy” people to stray animals saying if you help them they will continue to breed (paraphrasing a lot here).  We all know those folks you can’t give a dollar to because they will keep coming back for more and never learn to make their own dollar(s).  I have had a stray cat at my front door…the chick downstairs kept feeding it & letting it in at night so it kept coming back pissing me off with its meowing outside my door.  I don’t agree that all needy people are bad and like stray animals.  What I do agree with is that some are indeed just that.  Acknowledging that is the easy part….making the distinction and helping only those who need us is the difficult part.  Between a rock and a hard place is where you will certainly find President Obama since most expected him to play Robin Hood anyways.  I just hope whatever decision he makes is for the greater good of our country and the legal tax-paying residents who understand the mess he inherited.


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Angry black folks….let it go!

Haiti has been discussed thoroughly and, at times, over discussed.  It’s all over the television and, of course, there is questionable methods and terms the media is using to cover the story from the display of violence, calling the people “looters”, and portraying the nation as uncivilized basically.  I don’t know how true any of this is and I do not really care to know.  I sent money because there was a need.  I have no desire to go there to help out in any way because I know I am unskilled in every thing they need help in.  My best move was to send money and pray the nation recovers to at least a better predicament than it started.  I do not agree with that televangelist guy who claims the Haitians made a deal with the devil but I wasn’t gonna write a blog about it because it’s just not true and there is nothing my lil ole blog can possibly do other than voice my opinion to folks who may intentionally or accidentally stop by and read it.  Then what?  Absolutely nothing.  I’m just a chick with an opinion….get in line! 

My pet peeve is when black folks decide to complain about how white folks could care less about brown people in despair, about white people having an issue with Obama sending so much money over to Haiti when we have our own crisis here, and/or about white folks who would probably reach out to fair skinned folks before they’d ever do the same for dark skinned folks.  It’s 2010 and, last I checked, some white folks flat out don’t give 2 shyts about black folks.  It’s not news anymore.  I’m not sure it ever was.  It’s sad…yes.  It’s defeating to a certain extent….yes.  Does it change me, my life, or anything involving me?  No.  I get tired of reading some black folks’ blog about the plight of black folks and everything black.  When a black issue arises you best believe almost every black blogger will dissect it till it no longer exists.  If black folks are having a tragedy and white folks don’t be A, B, and C in the order and way most black folks want them to then black folks bytch and moan about it.  I am not saying we aren’t entitled to shake our heads, kneel down and pray about it, or even complain about it to someone who will listen.  All I’m saying is….this is not new information!! 

Honestly, I don’t hate white people.  Honestly, most are truly good people who just end up with their foot in their mouth from time to time.  Honestly, I never grew up in a Jim Crow south, during slavery, or during any times where black folks would still carry that resentment and find it hard to let it go.  My grandma was the same way before she died.  White man this white man that white folks won’t let you blah blah blah white people will blah blah blah.  It’s not utopia and there are azzholes of all color but black folks, some black folks,  refuse to let some stuff go.  A white guy says something racist….ok?  A white woman does something racist….ok?  I love chicken.  Fried chicken with watermelon on the side.  Should a white person be surprised by that?  No!  Some things just are and some people just are.  Some black people scream at the top of their lungs for white folks to apologize, to give us back whatever we are owed, to jump through this hoop to prove my skin & hair doesn’t offend you, to do this entire list including give you everything they own as well as your 1st born to help Haiti.  Then what?  Then what??  If they did all that will you feel better?  Will it heal the hurt from generations ago?  Will it make Haiti better?  Will it remove the resentment you have?  Will it make you sleep better at night?  Stop trying to change folks and change the way you react to the situation.  You can call me a nigga every day of every year, burn a cross in my front lawn, and leave buckets of chicken at my front door even throwing a watermelon through my front window for all I care.  I must go on with my life and move pass the past…but I’ll eat the hell outta that chicken (if it’s not poisoned).  One lady even commented about how a white woman went on vacation to this luxurious island while folks were dying in Haiti.  So, this lady who happens to be white should have cancelled her trip until the world is at peace and everyone is doing well?  She’d never take a vacation EVER!  Let her go chill on an island and sip drinks with an umbrella in it….you sound like you hatin’.

Not everyone is required to feel the same compassion or tugging at their heart strings as we do about our people.  Human compassion is one thing but we all know blacks/negros/colored/niggas aren’t as well liked in 2010 no matter how much we’d like to think times have changed.  Feel the way you do and you help as much as you can but please don’t get your panties in a bunch because ole white girl from down the street let “f*ck those darkies over there” slip from her lips because she didn’t know you were standing nearby.  You do your part.  Obama is probably the most hated black man alive but he still has to go on and lead this country the best way he knows how.  You think he has time to wallow over all the complaints?  What every white folk has to say?  Or what every black folk has to say?  People will be people.  One day everyone will all just get along.  One day we won’t see color.  One day there will be harmony.  One day.  It’s ok to expect human compassion despite skin color or ethnicity but it’s also wise to keep at least a toe dipped in reality so we don’t lose too many to this fantasy world where every white person cares about the plight of black folks…it’s just not true so accept it and move on with your life.  Please!

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A House Divided

050728_Bo_FeldmanDividedByGSurely everyone heard about the Obama speech and protests that took place at Notre Dame this weekend.  These protests were due to the fact that Obama is not against abortions but the Notre Dame community, which is rooted in Catholicism, is very much against it.  Pro Life versus Pro Choice.  Another blue-in-the-face discussion that I don’t care to tackle but I am so sick and tired of us being against ourselves.  A house divided against itself cannot stand….we are a divided house of Christians and it’s embarrassing and pretty pathetic.  I read on another blog how Christians will give their right & left arm along with their right & left leg plus their vital internal organs followed but their own life to denouce and support certain sins.  However, there are a list of “practiced” sins that certain groups of Christians will barely discuss with themselves let alone anyone else.  Selective Judgement….that is what I call it.

It isn’t just Catholics although majority of “them” make me sick to my stomach with their “Hail Mary”, confession boxes, fancy robes, and other crap that does not even begin to equal the carnal sins underneath.  We all have them.  Some just love pointing out yours and turning their nose up at you as if they themselves are God’s chosen Christians.  When I see, hear, read about the division it saddens me and makes me want to throw off this Christian label just so I am not associated with the mess.  Probably the easiest thing to be at times is an atheist because, no matter how delusional we say they are, they hold onto the flawed evidence that we as Christians must admit does not support our Jesus claim either.  They based things on facts and act according accepting those who think like them and not necessarily dividing themselves into pseudo-atheist or full-fledge atheist.  It’s easy and simple to say I just don’t see enough evidence to support blah blah blah and the claims on which those other groups hold dear are full of holes however big or small they are holes nevertheless. 

I just hope one day we can stop ridiculing and passing judgement on someone who dyes their hair red instead of leaving it a natural brown hue similar to yours.  I hope one day we won’t frown at the person driving a foreign car instead of the American made vehicle you own.  I hope one day we don’t point at and snicker when someone walks by wearing Adidas instead of the Nikes you adorn your feet with day in and day out.  I hope one day we don’t call each other names simply because someone renovated their kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops instead of the antique appliances and the tiled counter tops you adore and have in your home.  I hope one day we can accept that we aren’t to think alike, feel the same, or see things as others do.  That we hold our own beliefs, thoughts, and viewpoints from the most trivial such as which brand of cereal is best to the most significant such as which side you stand come judgement day.  That the Bible is the epitome of vagueness and we are fighting ourselves day in and day out trying to decipher a meaning from something we will never know is true until we ourselves die.  You don’t know for sure and neither do I.  We aren’t going to follow the same interpretation and expecting someone to think exactly like you and behave similarly simply because you two share the same Christian blanket will only lead to an intense tug-of-war with the blanket as we do what we have been warned not to….judge each other. 

Leaving one of your own cold without warmth….what kinda religion does that?  What kinda God do they claim supports this?  What kinda following are you trying to have?  What sort of message are you looking to convey?  Is this Christian blanket even worth it??  That atheist one is looking really nice right now with only a few bodies underneath and it’s made of that nice down feathery stuff…

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bad-economyThis is something I NEVER do….write about current events but this has royally pissed me off as it has everyone else around this country so excuse my ‘hood writing just this one time.  AIG…when I first heard I just knew it was a joke….a really good knee-slapping joke but it wasn’t.  Then, mouth still open dumbfounded, I am thinking “the audacity!”  We help you muthaf’ers out and this is how you say thanks?!  F*ck you very much too!  Bite the hand that feed you?!  I knew when all this started that this one company was getting waaaaaay too much of our money but, having little experience in Economics, I sat back trusting the bright well-educated ivy leaguers in charge of our country.  Might as well let Joe the dang plumber make the decisions. 

Now, I will say the Obama administration had no idea this would happen.  The one snippet of a clause written in the bail out likely won’t hold up in court because it wasn’t well written so it didn’t cover nearly as many instances as it should have.  Might as well had Obama’s speech writter writing the bail out agreement….that fool covers EVERYTHING!  It sucks that Obama and his team will take the blame for this but I guess it’s only fair that it falls on the current president’s lap of responsibility.  Having never had a situation like this and not knowing this would happen (although someone had an inkling it could if that snippet existed in the bail out agreement) then it is what it is.  Lessons learned but that pill is hard to swallow and some aren’t tryna to do that at all.  I am sure you all have heard about the various options.  In my opinion, I don’t care which one they execute….just get that freakin money back!  Employee retention….what kinda bullsh*t is that?!  You run the company into the ground AND think giving these same ppl $1 million will retain them….how many more f’ed up decisions can AIG make?!  Isn’t there some basic intelligence and/or common sense required to run a company?

My friend called me after work to tell me that her company laid off people from all of their US offices floor-by-floor.  Floor-by-floor!  She was pissing her pants wondering if she’d be next but, thank God, she is safe….for now.  From what she told me as far as who got laid off, her company got rid of the most qualified and thus most expensive employees.  Those who knew the industry like the back of their hand.  Those who trained the inexperienced new-comers.  Those with MBAs.  Those who had spent about 20 yrs with the company.  Those closer to retirement than the fresh faces taking over for them.  How f’ed up is that?!  From a business sense, it kinda makes sense….get rid of the expensive people and replaced them (if at all) with someone willing to do the same job or learn that job for less pay then you were initially shelling out. 

My friends have been laid off and AIG gets freakin bonuses?!  My friends worked their azzes off and these cock suckers get $1 million for messing sh*t up?!  I can’t get over it and the fact that it’s taking this long to figure out what to do about it.  There are legal ramifications….tax and contract laws….political means but unfairly….who cares?  I am sure if you polled Americans we will gladly look the other way and null any law that’s in place to right this wrong.  It’s morally wrong!  Are we to punish the morally wrong?  Who says they are even unmoral?  Is that even a word?  This is just irritating so I think I am done.  Let those AIG bastards go f*ck themselves and sink.  Naw, blow that b*tch up so it sinks NOW!  No more bail out until someone literate re-writes the bail out contract….preferably a regular azz college graduate because, for the first time in a while, education has no basis on how qualified you are to do anything anymore.

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President Barack Obama

obamaToday is a day for the history books!  Obama becomes the first African-American president and American steps just a little bit closer to exhibiting what we all preach and hear about … equal opportunity for all.  Honestly, I am a little irritated at the amount of press and media attention this inauguration has received only because it is soooooo not that serious.  Yes it is serious … yes we should have our moment to bask in the joy of this special day … yes yes yes!  First blah blah blah to preside over the United States of America but I care more about the economy than what skin tone you have.  Can we hurry this up and see about that stimulus plan?  Health care?  Foreign affairs?  I love Obama … glad he won …. hip hip hooray!!  Now, let’s get down to business.  Wanna seal your mark on history?  Don’t screw this up!  Don’t be the first African American president AND drive the country further down to hell. 

I got the first newspaper after the results came in … I actually have 2 different ones.  I have the special limited edition magazines that I was stupid enough to buy … I bought two different ones.  I have yet to get a shirt, hat, button, bumper sticker and all that good stuff … I have 4 yrs to catch up.   I will watch the inauguration with the entire country … correction, the entire world …. but as soon as it’s over I wanna see the plan that will make my 401(k) balance bring pure joy to my face.  I wanna see the plan that will increase my take-home pay and see a decrease in that tax column on my pay stub.  I wanna see less money taken from my check for health care coverage.  I wanna see our troops home.  I wanna read that the Feds have raised interest rates.  I wanna see banks loaning us our money back instead of asking for more.  I wanna see my friends gainfully employed instead of laid off.  I want to delete the word recession from my vocabulary for some time while thanking God it was “recession” instead of “depression” we were reading and speaking of so often. 

Next pressing thing on the list … what will Michelle be wearing?  A damn coat!  Do you know how cold it is outside??  What the hell is wrong with you people?!?!  But behind every strong man is one kick ass woman though!  Just let me know when Obama-mania reaches normal levels again.  Again … hip hip hooray!!

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