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Another Boring Running Post!

Yes – I know.  Do I not have anything exciting to write about other than running? I do but not today unless you wanna read about my cramps, my crying, my up & down emotions, and how I yelled at my supervisor as if I was his superior and not the other way around.  Yeah, it’s been a rough day.

I was supposed to do mile repeats Thursday but my legs were still too sore so I ran 6 miles at a faster pace than  normal.  Bad thing: I started out fast.  Good thing: I finished.  Revelation: starting out fast does not guarantee a faster finishing time.  Lesson learned.  Sunday I did my 10 mile long run.  I seriously have to be mentally prepared for long runs.  I let my body know days in advance so it does not freak out.  I make sure I fuel it the day/night before.  I make sure I wake up on time so I’m not running during the heat of the day.  I make sure I come prepared to fight the mental battle because there is always one.  This Sunday, I got out the door at 6:15am and I did not have to fight as much as I used to.  I thought about my upcoming race & how inhuman it would be to make my body race 10 miles without training it to even run the same distance.  I actually felt good making it home.  I celebrated little victories like reaching this street and then looked forward to reaching the next street until I was on my way home.  I even ran the entire time unplugged since my iPod is on life support.  I hate having to buy another one so I will call Apple Support again for further assistance.  It’s only $40 to get a new refurbished one (I’m not buying a brand new one) but I do not want to spend any money.

I made it home, spent quite some time catching my breath and calming my heart rate down, and then I stretched focusing on my poor legs.  I went inside and seriously laid down in the middle of the floor like I was about to make a snow angel.  I didn’t move for about 5 minutes.  Then I went to pee.  Then laid back on the floor for another 5 minutes.  Then I got up to shower since I had every intention on making it to church.  Somewhere in my getting-ready-time I drank a bottle of Gatorade & ate an apple.  By the time I made it to the train I realized my limbs were quivering and I needed to actually eat something – protein if possible.  I stopped at subway and ordered a breakfast sandwich – first time eating a subway breakfast.  Not excellent but it did the job.  After church, I stopped to get a tuna sub with extra tuna.  I love tuna!  Only mustard, sweet peppers, and lettuce – tryna eat healthier.  Somewhat.  Anywho, I finished my 10 mile run in 1 hr and 37 mins and 32 seconds.  Not sure what time I will finish the actual race in but I hope it’s around the 1 hr and 20 mins mark.  I really want a medal.

This cartoon is by Naked Pastor (on my blogroll) called Closing Time.  I liked it and he said we can use his pictures on blogs free of charge (hope I read that right) so yeah.  I went to church for Youth Day.  Service was awesome!  Hot – but hell is probably hotter I assume.  Not trying to confirm that assumption.  My mom came from the pulpit to speak to me 🙂 I was so touched that I hadn’t seen her in months I wanted to give her a big bear hug but she’s so little I might bend her or something.  I made it home and felt the need to pray asking God to give her her own church.  If not for her, then for me.  I need it.  Yes, it was a selfish prayer and God probably knew my own selfish intentions before I opened my mouth but at least I got it out.  Good thing: I have no probably asking for what I need.  Bad thing: I have no problem asking for what I want.  Relevation:  He can always just stamp a big fat “no” on either and I will still be happy I got it off my chest.  But, I still had to ask anyways – you never know what may happen if you only ask.


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