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5th Genesis

Yes, I have finally finished and no I will not do these small little sections ever again!  So, imho (in my humble opinion), Joseph is by far my fav man of the Bible thus far.  Of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob….I like Joseph the most because he didn’t do anything scandalous or questionable (unless it wasn’t documented) and he seem upright, humble, and sincerely want to just do right even displaying the ultimate show of forgiveness.  The other 5 men I listed have made me wonder why God even chose them of all people and why, after being chosen, they didn’t at least try to live an honorable life.  Confusing part I: when Jacob wrestles with God not knowing it was God. The story is randomly mentioned as if to explain why Israelites don’t eat the tendon which is not really a good reason because the Bible does not give a sound reason for why his tendon was touched in the first place other than because the man could not overpower Jacob.  So, what was the test here if this man was God?  To see if Jacob would wrestle back?  To see if he’d give up mid way through?  If it was indeed God then why would he not be able to overtake Jacob?  If God has no intentions to overtake Jacob but only to teach him some cool lesson then why punish him by touching his tendon?  Why wouldn’t God make his self known if he has been with and communicating with Jacob all this time?  Why isn’t the man describe here who is supposed to be God?  More questions than answers.

I don’t understand why Jacob did all that to please Esau when he could clearly care less since he never went with Esau but instead set up camp somewhere else.  Then how Jacob divided his kids up with their mom by importance in his eyes.  Clearly the maidservant and their children were placed in front on the frontline of possible danger and Rachel & Joseph was in the rear at a safer distance with plenty of time to escape if need be.  How could you possibly fault the other brothers for feeling envy or jealous towards Joseph if their dad verified it openly.  I am not saying it’s right to feel jealous or envy toward a sibling but, in this situation, I can understand how it happened and who is really to blame for it.  The funny thing is that chapter 37 says Israel (Jacob) loved Joseph more than his other sons because he was born to him in old age.  Bull’ish!  He loved him because he was born of Rachel….cut the crap Moses!!  Jacob is full of ‘ish but he had found favor with God so I shall kiss his azz like everyone has too.  Rachel dies during childbirth naming her last son after her troubled childbirth experience but Jacob named him Benjamin instead. 

God puts Er to death because he was wicked but, according to Genesis & I Chronicles 2:3, it does not say what wicked thing(s) Er had done.  Clearly it was something worst than unwedded sex, lying, cheating, stealing, or participating in prostitution.  Clearly because all the men up until now have survived but Er did not.  Then Onan was put to death by God because he would not impregnate Tamar. Willingly impregnate women you are no married to – Great!  Refuse to impregnate women you are not married – Death!  Wow…is this really the same God I heard great stories about since my childhood??  I can only think of this quote I read, “When I don’t understand God’s hand I will trust His heart”….that’s me right now at this very moment.  Another head scratcher: Judah sleeps with a prostitute along the side of the road, finds out his daughter-in-law is pregnant and accused of prostitution, and so Judah wants her burnt to death.  OMG!  Another display of a double standard because a man can participate in prostitution without penalty but the woman who allegedly was the prostitute must be put to death?!  Or was the crime because she got pregnant?  You can h*e but don’t get knocked up…is that right?  What about the guy who just couldn’t say no?  What about the man who got her pregnant?  The irony is that Judah’s own sister was “violated” so he and his brothers plotted to kill the men responsible as well as killing men of the city (great plan I must say! Men get skin cut off their penis’ and can’t function for days but we women can have babies, get ripped open, stretched, bleed, all kinda stuff and get kicked out the hospital in 3 days flat.  Man up you woosies!!).  What if that was someone’s daughter on the side of the road?  Whether she wanted to prostitute or was forced to….it never occurred to get her off the side of the road.  But Onan was put to death yet Judah was allow to live?  Mind-boggling.

Through a plot to kill him but instead selling him to the Egyptians, Joseph begins an impressive life with favor from God and favor well earned.  I have no questions or complaints or head-scratching moments when it comes to Joseph’s account.  I have heard sermon after sermon about keeping your dreams to yourself as if Joseph was in the wrong for opening up to his brothers.  Had he known they were wicked then clearly he wouldn’t have mentioned it but, as proof that God is with Joseph, I think he was wise is telling them his dream because a) it proved that he was right when it did come to pass b) it shows that anything meant for evil can be turned to good in God’s hands and c) you can’t not control who is jealous, envious, or hates you.  He wasn’t boasting…just revealing.  So, I will tell my dreams as much as I’d like you….all these stupid sermons can focus on smacking the brothers’ hands in rebuke than on asking Joseph to stick out his.  Fav line: “I have heard it said of you that when you hear a dream you can interpret it” (Pharoah) “I cannot do it but God will…” (Joseph).  What does that verse say?  In all thine ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy path?  Something like that.  Joseph could have easily pumped his self up in front of the honorable (sarcasm) Pharoah but he didn’t….he stayed on the humble path knowing he had no power to do anything.  2nd fav line: “Now Joseph was well-built and handsome and after a while his master’s wife took notice…” (Gen 39:6-7) I sure bet she did! lol fine and muscular is how I read that line…..fine and muscular wearing sandals walking around bare-chested with just a piece of fabric wrapped around his waist.  I am not saying Potiphar was right in lusting after Joseph but I can surely understand 🙂 Jacob dies but not before blessing his sons which I am curious to see if these will open another interesting discussion later in the Old Testament as these prophecies unfold.  Joseph dies after telling his brothers God will come and take them out of Egypt.  I shall continue with the Book titled Exodus.


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