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My Running Story

It all began in the 6th grade.  Back then, our races were about 40-50 meters so I was technically a sprinter.  I wore white knock off Keds that we bought from Payless and I swore by them.  They were light, felt like I was not wearing anything at all, I could flex my foot to run on my toes without feeling a stiff shoe, and it allowed me to run faster than wearing regular shoes.  Nike should have hired me because I thought I was a genius.  Well, I ran for maybe 2 years at my Elementary school before transferring to another school which did not offer track.  Before transferring, I competed in some type of “Elementary School Championship”.  Now, prior to this day, I was the Michael Johnson of track.  Everyone at school wanted to beat me but none could.  I was, as most young people say, “the shit”.  Well, during this competition the length of the race was changed from about 50 meters to a full 100 meter race.  I was not briefed on this, my coach didn’t warn or prepare me, so I went out hard and died miserably.  I was the first to make it to the 50 meter line but then my endurance caved and some girl slowly ran up on me and then ran past me.  I like to think I got at least 2nd place but I’m not sure.  From that day forward, I knew long distance was not for me.  Is that not funny??  At that age I considered “long distance” to be a 100 meter run.  I was in for a rude awakening!

I still loved running so when I got to high school and found out Track & Field did not start until late Fall/early Spring, I wondered what I would do in the meantime.  One day I walked by a poster of a girl running under the title “Cross Country”.  This organization was having its first practice in a week or so.  I made a mental note and showed up because I just wanted to run.  I had no idea it was distance running though.  It seriously took me weeks to even get accustomed to the 2 mile races much less the 800 meter repeats.  Although this was a total shock to every thing I knew, for some reason, I never quit the team.  With each mile, each hill, each repeat, each interval, each fartlek, and with each race – I grew stronger til I enjoyed long distance.  I ran Cross Country all 4 years of high school.  I qualified for State Championships as a team maybe twice and once my senior year as an individual.  I won the 1998 Chicago City Championship race my senior year.  That race nicely wrapped up my high school “career”.  I still ran Track & Field but it was mostly conditioning.

During college, I tried out for the collegiate Cross Country and Track team twice.  During college, I got cut from these collegiate teams twice.  But, I kept the shirt!  I was supposed to give it back but I stole kept it as my consolation prize – can I at least get a freakin consolation prize?!  I used my college years to stay in shape esp when 2 babies magically appeared in my womb – not simultaneously.  Now, since moving back home, settling into my work career, and doing the adult thang, I started running again to improve my fitness level.  I was still skinny but I was out of breath doing some pretty simple tasks.  Simple running turned into signing up for a race here and a race there which has spawned this new competitive nature to attempt distances I never thought I wanted to run.  Might as well do it while I still can do it.  The love never goes away – running is and always will be my 1st love.

Personal Records

5k – 23:23

10 mile – 1:28

Half Marathon – 1:36

Upcoming Race Schedule

2011 – 5k for Earth Day (April)

2011 – Soldier Field 10 (May)

2011 – Chicago 13.1 (June)

2011 – Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10 (July)

2011 – Lawndale 5k (Oct)

2010 – Lawndale 5k – 23:23

2010 – Chicago Half Marathon – 1:56:41 (chip)

2010 – Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10 – 1:34:19

2009 – Bucktown 5k – 26:36

2009 – Lawndale 5k – 24:44

2007 – Blue Hawaiian 5K – 26:45


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