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Day 40

Today I am grateful for knowing my peace of mind.  My grandma’s funeral was today.  She was a true follower of Jesus.  Everyone who walked up to the mic shared a story about her giving them Christian Biblical advice about different things.  I was sad all week about not having her here anymore but then I walked in and listened to the stories and realized how awesome it must be to know where she is right now.  You know how you go to funerals and can probably guess where this person might be residing at that very moment?  My sadness disappeared and I felt happy knowing she is not in pain anymore or that person whom I saw months before she passed; a stranger who looked nothing like my grandma.  I honestly feel like she would have told me to stop crying, so I did.  I honestly feel like she would have enjoyed her mini-church service because she loved church, so I am glad.  I honestly feel like she would have wanted to share all she knows right now with me but I still have to finish living my life hoping I can be a little bit like her, so I keep trying.  It gives me peace of mind to know she is ok and I don’t have to be sad anymore.  I’ve never gone to a funeral and experienced that almost instant evaporation of my selfish need to have that person here instead of where they are; dead and gone from earth.


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