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Day 38

Today I am grateful for honest communication & the end of midterm week.  I had this huge molehill argument with Braxton which led to us talking about several things.  Being honest has never been a hard thing to do but when you’re angry it’s easy to go tit for tat in trying to make a point and prove you are right.  Things were resolved by bedtime so I am happy for little spats because it does bring clarity.  Also, my midterm was tonight.  I think I studied well, I remember the things I studied, and I have a clear understanding of the big picture (thus far).  Out of 120 points, I calculate that I at least got a score of 105 based on which problem I was lost on and how many points he might deduct for a partial correct answer.  That is about a 87 which is still a “B” so I’ll take it since I seem to be a “B” student anyways; from Kindergarten til now.  Spring Break baby!


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