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Day 37

Today, I am grateful for studying earlier in the day instead of waiting until that evening because I was completely unable to focus after a little spat.  I began looking over my study problems for my midterm exam around 10am.  I actually took some time when I wasn’t busy with work or on the phone for work to work out these problems and do some samples ones from a previous homework assignment to make sure I had it.  I went through 2 or 3 chapters of problems today, read through my notes taken while in class, and I was feeling pretty good!  Until, I decided to take a little study break and someone who will remain nameless proceeded to irritate the hell outta me so I was bothered and unfocused after that.  I tried to read but I couldn’t.  Ugh!  I knew this would happen.  Silly stupid naive little rabbit, I am.  **Sigh** but the party must go on so I gave up and went to bed…might as well try again tomorrow morning.  But, those hours spent earlier in the day were worthwhile and a good investment of my time.  Next time, I’ll keep my ass off the phone.


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