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Tuesday evening, I walked out my front door to find a UPS notice taped to the door.  Yayy!  My book was here but then I saw the “2nd attempt” box checked and thought, “bastards!”  I can’t stand UPS!!  What happened to my 1st notice??  Tomorrow is their 3rd and final attempt to deliver so if I was not home (which would be the case) I’d have to go to the warehouse to pick it up or pay to change either the delivery date or mailing address.  It would be $6 to make either change over the phone or I can make the change online for a mere $4.  Wow, I save 2 whole dollars to get something I already paid for along with the shipping.  I’m being penalized for not being home when it used to be free to choose a day in the near future when I would be home so they can save on gas and I can get my package.  Anywho, I signed the back of the UPS slip and prayed my book was sitting on the porch (in the cold and snow) when I returned home from work that day.  It was 🙂

Above is my new Treasury Management textbook.  700+ pages of concepts, theories, equations, and stuff that might put any person to sleep in record time.  I was excited to get the book because I’m excited to start studying since I’m excited to finally tackle this exam after almost 3.5 years on the job.  Well, it’ll be 4 years if I make it til July of this year.  The exam is in July, ironically enough, so I pray a passing score makes my anniversary that much sweeter.  There are 17 chapters of goodness in the book and I have prepared to study a chapter per week starting yesterday.  Last semester, my sitter watched my kids for roughly 5 hours while I went to class.  This semester, although I am not enrolled in any classes, I will resume that schedule so I can devote those roughly 4 hours (no commute time) to studying without distractions.  Extra money out of my pocket but I like to think of it as an investment.  My 17 week study schedule takes me to May 19th (I think) which gives me thorough time to go back over, master, and regurgitate the information as needed.  I know how I learn best….that is through repetition and understanding the big picture.  It’s not enough to know an equation to calculate IRR if you have no idea how to apply it to a real situation.  My memory is still good when I direct it wisely so I should do fine but I won’t know how well I’m doing until months from now.

Registration deadline is March 25th.  The exam expense my company promised to pay.  The association membership (required) and one-time registration fee I pay.  I have flashcards in a range of colors from plain boring ol’ white, to fuchsia, lavender, lime green, and sky blue.  These are the flashcards my supervisor made herself and used to pass this same exam.  My manager also took and passed this exam using similarly colored index/flash cards.  I just started reading chapter 1 on the train this morning which goes over what Treasury is, which functions fall under Treasury, the corporate structure, and then other basic stuff.  8-10 questions out of 170 total on the exam will come from this chapter.  I no longer carry a purse to and from work.  Now, I carry an actual backpack to hold my textbook, flash cards, pens, sharpie, calculator, and exam/chapter breakdown.  Each chapter has a miniature quiz following it so I will take that next week and go back over material based on the results.  I did find one other chick in the Chicago area who is supposed to be taking the same exam in the same testing window as I.  She works for Bank of America as a Treasury something.   She replied to my email about forming a study group and I actually called her earlier today and left a voicemail message.  Who am I kidding?! 

I hate groups when it comes to things like this.  I run alone and do well alone.  I have always preferred to study alone and have done well alone.  I do most things alone because I don’t want to have to depend on anyone else, help up a slack, or hold anyone up if I’m falling behind.  Maybe we can still get together periodically to quiz each other, etc.  We shall see.  I can take the test only once within a testing window and that window is June/July 2011.  I do not plan to tell folks at work when or if I register for the exam just in case I fail and gotta hear those “oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.  You’ll do better next time”….save it!  The main thing I’m worried about is whether I am qualified to take the exam.  The criterion consists of 1-3 years of Treasury work experience and/or Graduate degree in a certain field and/or years of teaching experience.  I should qualify for the work experience one in a Corporate Finance environment but we shall see.  My social life will slowly but surely take a hiatus.  Not sure why I wrote all this because no one cares but me about this exam but if I write it publicly then I have to make the committment – pass or fail.  I have to be accountable so I gotta make sure I take my efforts seriously.  I always gotta approach every thing like there’s a gold Olympic medal at stake.  If not, then what drives me??


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  1. Hey lady! Be encouraged!! Proud of you for taking the step to better yourself professionally by furthering your education and taking that exam. I’m sure you’re going to do great. I completely feel you on the concept of study groups…easier said than done 🙂

    Comment by *Jocellyn S.* | January 24, 2011

  2. Thanks Joce zka Mz. MBA! 🙂

    Comment by 32B | January 25, 2011

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