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Economical Wedding

I thought I would share my true on-the-cheap wedding and throw to hell these assumptions that all women want to have the most expensive party wedding money can buy.  For me, that was not the case.  I did do the planning because, in my opinion, my ex sucks at finding deals and I wanted to make sure the wedding was done right which meant I had to do it myself.  For me, the most important thing was the honeymoon.  I wanted to go somewhere I have never been, lounge on a beach, bask in the sun, and eat/drink until I couldn’t eat/drink anymore.  I wanted to seriously celebrate the fact that we are married and just throw the legalities in there along the way.  We thought about having a wedding ceremony and then a honeymoon but the money involved with a ceremony was more than I cared to spend.  I might come off sounding extremely rude and cold but I could care less about having my parents there to witness my special day, having my sisters there would have been awesome but I didn’t lose any sleep over that decision either, paying for each person’s dinner per plate was a definite no-no and I realized I really didn’t care that much to spend at least $45 (the cheapest option) for folks I only half-way liked…related or not.  I absolutely did not want some cheap, tacky, hole-in-the-wall ceremony at a place I could squeeze into my budget which had bad food all because most people do it this and that way.  And, I did not want the family playing chef during my wedding reception either.  Would those dinners matter during the marriage?  Would inviting my immediate family guarantee martial bliss?  They had no hand in the success of my marriage so why start off in debt to invite folks to a party at our expense when, after the party, it would be a strain on the marriage anyways.

We hadn’t budgeted or saved for this wedding so I was going to go about it the most economical way possible.  I decided to do a destination wedding instead – you kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  To this day, I have to explain why it did not bother me that we got married without family there.  Some are shocked but most laugh at my explanation thinking I am truly not the typical emotional need-my-dad-to-walk-me-down-the-aisle kind of chick…or maybe I am selfish.  I did some research online, found some all-inclusive resorts, compared the wedding package prices, and found a travel agent.  I probably could have book this myself but I didn’t want an oops so I paid someone else to book everything, make sure we had A, B, and C by the due dates, and she took care of little details of the wedding ceremony itself.  She kept me on track and I got what I wanted.  LOL, if anything remains true, it is the woman tends to always get the wedding she wants!  We wanted to go to Hawaii but it was more expensive and did not offer all-inclusive anything so we settled on Montego Bay, Jamaica.  I can’t remember the exact cost for things but I know for sure the estimate for about 5 days, 4 nights, round-trip air fare from Chicago, and the wedding package was no more than $6,ooo.  I think it was 5 days…might have been 6 days.  Either way, it was enough time for us to get a good taste of Jamaica, mon.

We had to be on the island at least 3 days before we could get married there so that is how we arranged our dates.  Since we wanted to get married on Feb 25th we had to get to Jamaica at least by Feb 22nd.  The resort we decided on has various Jamaican locations which allows guests of one resort to “play” at the other resorts for no extra fee with a free shuttle to and from.  So, we stayed at the cheapest and oldest resort they owned but literally spent all day at the other resorts.  It was the best of both worlds.  Since our’s was smaller, it had a quaint quiet feel and the hotel staff knew us by name instantly which was awesome.  The bigger and newer one had more guests, younger guests, more water/games/beach/entertainment activities, all-you-can-eat spots, and pool bars.  The games were aimed toward the younger more fit crowd or you could lounge on the beach and do absolutely nothing.  The drawback was that you could not sleep at the resort you are not a guest of but that was a minor issue for us.  On Feb 25th, there were 3 other couples getting married on the same beach as us so it was cute.  We all stayed and watch each other’s ceremonies and, after each one was over, one guy kept saying “another one bites the dust”. 

 The wedding took place on a beach outside our hotel room under an arch made of flowers during the day while the sun was still hot as hell but not uncomfortable.  I wrote the dress shown above which is by Victoria’s Secret.  I found it brand new on eBay for $20 so I was uber excited!  I wrote heels too but, with a beach wedding, we both had to do it barefoot which made it more simple and sweet….and the sand was hot but the waves from the water cooled it off.  I had my hair done in skinny braids with the ends curled so they fell slowly, I plucked a white flower from the hotel garden and placed it in my hair over one ear, and, other than some eyeshadow and eyeliner, that was the extent of my pre-wedding prep work.  Oh, and I had a small bouquet of flowers too.  By now, he already knew what he was getting so why waste the time, effort, and money?  And, I think I look my best without makeup in simple clothes.  We had a cake afterwards which was honestly nasty, champagne which I didn’t drink because I hate champagne, and a photo session.  We didn’t hire their photographer.  Instead, we befriended a taxi driver who had a somewhat professional camera who took some damn good pictures of us, our rings, the flowers, the beach, and garden poses, etc for about $100.  I got some in print but I made sure I got everything on a CD which was truly awesome – you can make several albums off those and I still have it.  His outfit was linen with leather sandals (I guess I should mention what he had on too) that I helped pick out.  Rings – I found my ring at Wal-Mart and I think I got his from Andrews Jewelers or something like that.  Both were no more than $500 each with insurance.

All-in-all, if I get married again in the future, I will do it the same way.  Not Jamaica but I would love something simple and sweet, low-cost, and just time to get away and have fun on an island.  I love beach weddings, outdoor weddings, anything outside a church or banquet hall.  I wish my family could have attended but it didn’t make or break my day.  When it comes to marriage, I only involve people who can actually keep the bond together.  And, I have no intentions on spending a boat load of money on something I honestly could care less about.  You think of all the lavish weddings in which the marriage does not work and I am sure some folks feel stupid as hell – at least they should.  Since my marriage did not work, I do not feel as stupid.  So I lost about some money…on other levels I lost more but this post is about money so that is all that matters.


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  1. We have an interest in inexpensive weddings.Our venue was host to 29 of them in 2010

    Comment by rudyb8600 | November 20, 2010

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