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Wednesday Crap

It’s Wednesday late afternoon and I am at work finally having a break for a moment.  This morning was kind of slow so I decided to finish a Microecon lesson – that didn’t happen because suddenly I was swamped.  I don’t have anything to talk/write about but small stuff. 

Sunday church service was really good.  I like the church, the people were friendly, the Pastor was good (and handsome), and they spent a lot of time praying which I loved.  I will likely visit again but it is too far south to make it a routine unless there are extenuating circumstances.  I think I will finally try a friend’s church this weekend. 

Another pay period has passed and I made another deposit to my emergency fund account.  Right now, my balance is about $6,200.  I feel myself getting disappointed that I have not been able to make a bigger deposit but it is what it is.  No, it really isn’t but I tell myself that anyways so I don’t get all overly crazed about meeting this goal.  Maybe I can squeeze another $100 out this week.  Maybe.  My little expense tracker I created in Excel hit a bump when I realized I was tracking due dates instead of clearing dates.  Huge difference!  Something might be due on the 13th but will not clear my account until the 15th which is taken from the current pay rather than the previous pay.  I fixed that so now I should be straight.  I was finicky over this too!  I told both my kids to hush while I pressed buttons on my calculator, ran down the list of cleared items, subtracted other things yet to clear, and tried to figure out my ending balance after all that.  My head hurt a little bit but it was well worth the trouble figuring it out.  Next pay period, I plan to make a bigger deposit – there is always a plan.

I have the day before and after Thanksgiving off, the 2 days before Christmas off, and the entire week after Christmas off too and I still have 2 days of PTO to use.  Either I need to start exercising what most folks call a “Life” or I am a damn good employee who might like her job or they give a good amount of vacation time.  Funny thing is that this does not include Personal Days and Sick Days – I used 1 Personal Day this year and Sick Days?!  I do not get sick.  Since I have most of the next few weeks off, I asked my manager if I can roll those 2 days over to the next year – he said YES!  Maybe next year I will use them all – maybe not. 

My sister is having Thanksgiving at her house this year.  I was given specific orders not to cook and to instead buy some Sweet Potato pies.  Hahaha!  I will cook anyways.  I might try the sweet potato pies by following a really good recipe and have the store-bought ones as a back-up.  I am not Patti LaBelle in the kitchen but I will certainly try.  You never know until you try – and my sisters can kiss my butt.

I currently weigh 121 lbs – I know, the horror!  I can actually fit small jeans that were too tight early this summer.  I know it’s because of all the running esp since I do less run days per week but with longer runs.  I need to gain 5 lbs back.  Yeah, I have always been slim but I liked my body when I had some curves.  I looked good with my small curves and I like filling out my 26 jeans rather than my 24 jeans.  Small difference but it means a lot to me.  One day soon I will figure out how to run 10-20 miles without losing so much weight and without turning in slow azz times.  Can I have the best of both worlds?  If not, I guess I will be skinny until I lose the urge to race and meet running goals.  I have my entire life, I pray, to be bigger and slower.

I went to see For Colored Girls which will likely be a entire blog post on its own so I won’t write too much here but I will say I cried.  Law School said, “you pulled out a whole box of Kleenex!”  No, I did not – just a small purse-sized pack of tissue to dab the stray tears here and there.

Two more weeks of class (not counting this and next week) and I am done!  After that, I start studying for my CTP exam which I still need to buy the book for and register for the exam.  Man, I hope I pass on the first try.  My plan is to get the same certification most in Treasury have including my previous supervisor and manager.  I have no intentions on leaving my company unless I accidentally remarry and we up and move.  Other than that, I plan to stay and prep myself to be a successor to one of the three above me.  No one asked me to prep myself but, if I do so (and do it well), I have nothing to lose but everything to gain.  In addition to that, I have been keeping up with my reading of CFO magazine and staying current on all the new regulations.  I wonder if we will get a bonus this year or even a raise.  If so, that will help me play catch-up with my emergency account.  I should probably do that thing most women like to do once in awhile – shop. 

Over and out….


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  1. Yay for an over-abundance of PTO! 😀 If I had a bunch of PTO, I have no idea what I would do either. I am not the type of person who can stay at home on PTO and not be bored if I don’t have something to do. I’d much rather take it when I can go somewhere and do something. Maybe you can find a cooking class or take some of the day classes at the gym to cross train. Our gym has some classes during work hours I would love to take if I wasn’t, you know, at work.

    Keeping up with when things come out of your account sucks, I know. I usually try to take advantage of online bill pay, where I can schedule when it comes out, or I take the money out and send a money order (I get them free from Amscot). For me, I have to have that money out of the account; I’ve been surprised a couple of times by things I had paid that came out much later than expected, so I don’t give checks or anything anymore. I have to teach myself to keep track of things in Excel. I use the paper and pencil method now (when I get dilligent about it).

    I can’t help you with your curves. The more I exercise, the bigger my butt looks, lol. Maybe it’s mostly muscle after all. I can’t shake it like they do on videos; it’s not loose at all, lol. I would say get in some strength training when you can, as that seems to help some people.

    Comment by 2blu2btru | November 18, 2010

  2. I absolutely hate checks! I always forget about them and people/businesses love to take their sweet time to cash them. I’m like you, get the money out of my account so I can track other stuff. I do love Excel & I use bill pay but Bank of America does not offer free Money Orders for their checking accounts which sucks.

    I usually use PTO to do something fun in the city. I don’t have to leave, go to another state or city, or an island – as long as it’s fun where I am then I am happy 🙂 and it’s probably cheaper.

    I still wanna take boxing classes! Time does not work out for me so that is why I haven’t signed up yet. There are at this boxing gym (I cannot do those cutesy girlie boxing class….yuck!) and involve real training classes so maybe that will help my lackluster curvature.

    Comment by 32B | November 18, 2010

  3. Banks usually don’t offer free checks unless you have certain accounts that come with free checks–which usually require you to keep a substantial balance (or pay a maintenance fee)–we had those at the bank I worked at. We have a payday advance company here that does free money orders–Amscot. I think they are a national chain. You can get as many as you want for free. They also pay your bills there for $1. The drawback is they only deal with cash–and past a certain point, I don’t like to carry that much cash around, you know?

    I have some time off after I move, so I think I’ll get Excel for Dummies and sit down and create some things to budget with. I use to know how to use excel for all sorts of things, as well as Access, etc., but if you don’t use it , you can lose it, and it’s always changing.

    I’m excited to be able to take yoga and pilates (late classes at the gym–too late to then travel home an hour) once I move. I need to add some strength training, so I’ll try a class for that too. My main focus is cardio though. Boxing sounds fun. I have a cousin who was a World Kickboxing Champion (I think I missed that gene–although I have a mean left hook :D)

    Comment by 2blu2btru | November 19, 2010

  4. Wow – world kickboxing champ? That sounds awesome! I have a mean look….not so much a mean hook but I wanna work on it 😀

    Comment by 32B | November 19, 2010

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