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4th Genesis

Drama drama drama! This is turning into a facinating Biblical soap opera.  I read from chapter 24 stopping at chapter 32 today on the train to and from work.  Is it just me or are these chapters getting longer?  Now, each chapter holds enough drama to need a commercial break therafter.  So, I began at the account of Isaac and Rebekah….it’s clear that marrying your family members was the thing to do during those times.  Finding and bringing back Rebekah was a chapter in itself but I was confused on whether Abraham’s servant indeed traveled alone or with men.  It implies that he went alone since God spoke to only him telling him to go but then, throughout this account, they mention his “men” who were with him.  Where did they come from?! Thin air??

Abraham dies but not before having another tribe of kids.  It even said Ishmael and Isaac buried him.  So the brothers are cool now?  On speaking terms?  Or was it just Sarah who was trippin?  Question: why are sons so significant?  I get they carry on the family name but everyone is sleeping with everyone and God is blessing each 1st born so why come??  Your name is siginificant because of God & His blessing(s)….not because of some raggedy lil boy.  And how are all these women poppin out boy after boy after boy?  Did they have girls but mentioned them as an afterthought if they were mentioned at all?  Ishmael eventually dies and I read about his lineage who, they say, lived in hostility toward each other for whatever reason.  I swear….Ishmael can’t pay to get some Bible time.  He gets maybe a whole paragraph and we’re back to talking about Isaac.  Next we have the birth of Jacob & Esau and the foreshadowing of their fate when God speaks to Rebekah about them both fighting in womb although the Bible uses the cute word “jostled”.  Ok, so Esau was clearly the strong one physically but the weaker one mentally although being deceitful isn’t a favorable trait either.  Then we have another “she’s my sister” lie being told but the interesting thing was what the King is noted as saying.  He said, “What is this you have done to us? One of the men might well have slept with your wife, and you would have brought guilt upon us.”  I know a sin is a sin but I don’t think these folks got that memo since sleeping with someone’s wife takes a harsher punishment and weighs heavily on their conscious than lying, cheating, or possibly stealing is given little thought.  Admirable but perplexing.

Another observation: those whom God did not speak directly to or even those He spoke to just to get His mission accomplished, all referred to Him as “the God of Abraham & Isaac”.  So, who is their God?  Is He only Abraham’s God so no one else can lay claim to Him?  Clearly they believed in God for Him to a) speak to them, b) for them to follow him in complete faith and possibly fear, and c) admit they see God has blessed those He promised to.  Why is God just the God of Abraham, Isaac, and later Jacob?  Why isn’t he just everyone’s God?  Does He have to first call for them before they have “claiming” rights?  Just the possessive nature of the wording is weird.  The God of Abraham.  Hello?!?!  He’s the God of me too!!!  Jacob steals Esau’s blessing.  How conveninent that the women (thus far) are major bytches!  Why Eve gotta be hardheaded and foolish??  Why Sarah gotta do shyt her way in her own time??  WhyRebekah gotta play favoritism and make sure her fav child gets the divine hook-up by plotting and scheming??  And why did Rachel allow jealousy to cause her to commit a “Sarah”?!  These women are either majorly ruthless or someone is painting a nicely inaccurate picture of women in general.  Could all the women be this evil?  Could this all be apart of God’s plan?  I don’t know but I’m tired of turning the page and wanting to cuss a chick out for doing something stupid!  The nerve of Rebekah!!  She was smart though (if this is a true account) because she covered every possible issue but Isaac knew deep down.  He had to have known.  This fool didn’t disguise his voice so I don’t care what you feel and smell like.  Pure luxury to speak it into existence something knowing God will honor whatever blessing you give. 

The first Biblical love story with all the Titanic-esque moments.  Boy meets girl.  Girl is being Mz.Independent tending her sheep.  Boy falls for girl.  Boy does not care ole girl is literally his 1st or 2nd cousin.  Boy works to earn hand of girl in marriage but not before running up in her sister real quick.  Boy stares irony in the face when he finds his self deceived **insert evil laugh** and must work again for same hand in marriage.  Boy marries girl (finally) but ole girl can’t get preggers.  What’s a man to do?!  What’s a woman to do?!  Man has a tribe of kids with the love-of-his-life’s sister and the love-of-his-life lets her maidservant sex her husband just for a child of her own out of pure jealousy.  Drama drama drama!  I tell ya one thing…..these people do not think.  They think long enough to get what they desire never thinking about the long term effects of their decisions.  How on earth is another chick having your husband’s baby the same as you having one for him??  Then the Bible says “God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and opened her womb”.  Clearly, she must have been praying to “Abraham’s God” and God allowed her to finally have her own child.  See what patience can do for you?  She never stopped praying about the issue but she refused to let it go.  I like how they name off each and every son Jacob has but then says Dinah came “some time later”.  Afterthought.  Yeah, she had a girl….whatever!  Yet another question: was Leah blind?  The Bible says Isaac was old and his eyes were so weak that he could no longer see.  Then it says Leah had weak eyes but Racheal was lovely in form and beautiful.  Same word used to describe eyes but for two different meanings?  The context seems to suggest that but it’s misleading for anyone who scrutinizes every single word written (i.e. me).

Last chapter is more drama drama drama!  Jacob comes out on top (of course) and he has many things, lots of livestock, enough kids populate another planet, and other riches.  How are these men choosen?  Abraham started out noble and upright and kinda went downhill after God chose him.  Every man since then has been more sinister and cunning than the last.  But they are blessed no matter what.  Blessed for following God.  Maybe there is some truth to those prosperity teachings.  Not a lot but some.  As long as you don’t sleep with someone else’s wife you cool.  Listen to and follow God.  Build God an altar where He speaks to you or shows you a vision.  And you will live out the rest of your life with no real problems.  Even if you cheat someone out of their blessing then you are still entitled to it although it wasn’t meant for you originally.  Must have been an awesome time to live in.  Must have.


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