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He Played Me

Human_Cello_by_DanielGnomesHere I am trying to be a good mommy, a good woman, a good person, and considerate of what I would if it was me.  You know that whole “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” line?  Well, that’s what I am doing.  You know that stigma most babymamas have about being greedy money hungry chicks using child support money to get their nails done, etc?  Well, I was thinking about that too although I’m an ex-wife not a babymama.  Every summer my ex-hubby has the boys for about two months but this is the first summer where the court ordered child support is in play.  I decided, since he will have the boys for my much needed Me Time, to return the child support payments back to him since support is for the children which I will not have for that time frame.  Some people call me a white girl because I often do things most black chicks would never do such as voluntarily give money back when I don’t have to.  It was never about someone making me do it.  Someone making me do what is right (imo) should not be forced although he is forced to pay child support because I know how he is….he won’t voluntarily pay shyt.  That’s him.  Not me.  That’s your soul.  Not mine.

There hasn’t been any real drama to discuss in the one year we have been divorced until now.  This muthafucka had the audacity to email me last Tuesday to tell me he is moving within 45 minutes of Chicago, that he has found a daycare for the kids, and how he really hated his job but will start working at the local casino the upcoming Monday.  This was last Tuesday.  Today is Thursday.  I usually transfer the child support money from my bank account into his which cleared last Tuesday afternoon.  He conveniently sent this damn email Tuesday evening….coincidence?  I don’t put shyt pass trifflin ass men.  So, he emails me Tuesday to tell me he is moving (with our boys) further north closer to Chicago but all I was focused on is his freakin job.  In this email he said his company was going bankrupt, he wasn’t having an effect on sales (he worked in Sales), and he absolutely hated his job.  Who voluntarily quits a job during a recession when erbody and they mama is unemployed, laid off, and living off the government trying to make ends meet?  Who does that?!  This muthafucka right here!  Because he hated his job.  Grown ass men still needing a pacifier.  Excuse the cuss words for this post y’all.

I called his company the next day (last Wednesday) to talk to him but his voicemail said he was out of the office for the day so I spoke to the operator who told me that the company did not go bankrupt but was actually bought by another company.  I asked about laid off employees and she reassured me that no one had or will lose their jobs…no changes were made other than corporate structure and management.  This muthafucka just quit!  I call his cell phone…no answer.  He emails me the next evening talking about he can express his self better through email than over the phone.  Pussy ass punk.  Aight, well since words convey what you mean better than speech then let me call my attorney to file some papers I’m sure your ass will clearly understand.  He answers the phone.  He says he will be closer to the kids so he will be able to get them every other weekend like the divorce outlines.   Fan-fuckin-tastic but the divorce outlines visitation every other weekend as well as child support….not in lieu of.  After some probing questions on my part, I find out he is moving to this new city to live with his new girlfriend who told him about this new daycare and she will be picking up my boys (along with her two rugrats) from daycare when he works late.  I feel like I’m about to get all nigger’ish up in here.  This bytch gon’ do what?!  I don’t even know her but she living with my kids and will be transporting my kids??  Anyone who has kids know the paperwork required to allow ANYONE to care for and transport your children just down the damn street and I’m supposed to feel safe doing so with a stranger?  Yeah….ok.

He reassured me that she is not insane, I can meet her if I want to, and she is not gonna hurt the kids.  I know she won’t if the bytch wanna live to see tomorrow but my main issue is with him and I told him so.  He played me.  Played me with his carefully planned move to another city using child support money I gave him when, now, getting child support when the kids return is highly unlikely.  Why?  Because this fool ain’t working!  The alleged job that was to start this Monday did not and the casino now has no positions in that department.  So, he is waiting for the next training class to **drum roll please** deal cards at the tables in the casino!!  You left a Sales position with a salary in downtown Indianapolis to purposefully throw cards on a table for a living.  What do you do for a living?  I throw cards on a green table.  Oh wow! Impressive!  He lied to me by intentionally telling me maybe a quarter of the truth.  He feels I don’t need to know who he has around the kids because he has good judgement.  And he thinks since I make more money than he does missing a few child support payments won’t hurt me much.  Bullshyt! 

And that’s it.  Here I am trying to make sure my boys have a fun summer with their dad knowing his daycare costs are significantly cheaper that it’s damn near free but I still return the full payment to him.  Now this fool will be living rent free with his girlfriend, unemployed until a green table opens up for his highly-ambitious-reach-for-the-stars career goals, planning to drop our boys off as scheduled mid-August, not have any plan on paying me child support until a green table does open up, but he will see them every weekend until his broke ass runs out of gas money then it’s another shit covered excuse freshly pulled from his ass.  I was told to wait and see if he voluntarily sends support payments but I know him and he has NEVER sent shyt voluntarily.  August 15th is the weekend the boys are supposed to come back to me.  Well, since he blew the support money moving his ass up north and making such a fan-fuckin-tastic career move then he can extend his Daddy Daycare esp since he unemployed.  Why should I pay daycare here when you laying on your ass up there?!  One time when being the good woman has not paid off.  One time when being a bytch in every sense of the word would have covered my ass and assets.  I’m pissed and I feel stupid as fuck.  Trusting him to do right simply because I did.  He played me and ain’t shit I can do now but learn from it and get my attorney to handle it.  I hope they lock his ass up and I got his tax check next year.  Too damn old for these childish silly ass games.


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